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Today I am celebrating my 15 year anniversary, married to an amazing man.  I consider myself to be blessed.  Fifteen years is such an accomplishment in todays society.  Our secret is communication and commitment.  We communicate well, and we are committed to our family.  Regardless of ones emotions, we are determined to stay together till death do us apart.  As human beings our emotions change on a daily basis, but if you make the commitment to stay together during the rough times, you will be glad you did later on.

Since its my anniversary I decided to list the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year:

First Year: Paper

Second Year: Cotton

Third Year: Leather

Fourth Year: Linen or Silk

Fifth Year: Wood

Sixth Year: Candy or Iron

Seventh Year: Wool or Copper

Eight Year: Bronze or Pottery

Ninth Year: Pottery

Tenth Year: Tin

Eleventh Year: Steel

Twelfth Year: Silk or Linen

Thirteenth Year: Lace

Fourteenth Year: Ivory

Fifteenth Year: Crystal

Twentieth Year: China

Twenty-Fifth Year: Silver

Thirtieth Year: Pearls

Thirty-Fifth Year: Coral

Fortieth Year: Ruby

Forty-Fifth Year: Sapphire

Fiftieth Year: Gold

Fifty-Fifth Year: Emerald

Sixtieth Year: Diamond

Happy 15 years of togetherness, of love and commitment to US.  May God bless us with many more.




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