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I can’t believe it…12 days…that is all I have left before I embark in my new adventure.  July 5…that is the day when I will start my classes…my first two classes, 2 our of 12 classes I have to take to obtain a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management.  A big deal for this 42-year-old mama.  

Looking back, I had my life all figured out…I knew what I wanted since I was a teenager. My dream was to become an Attorney…I finished high school ahead of everyone else, enrolled in college while working a full-time job and managed to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  I also thought I was in love…I mean after spending five years with some one I once called boyfriend…I figure we would be together forever. Well, that did not happen…the breakup led me to leave the island and start a new life in the USA.

Becoming an attorney was still in my mind…but, various jobs led me to work hand in hand with attorneys and I also spent a great deal of hours in criminal court and family court with my jobs…and I was not enchanted with the profession anymore.  Then, I was like, what do I do? How can I re-invent my life? It took me a couple of years to decide. But, finally, I decided…and I used my head to make the decision not my heart.

I chose Human Resources Management because is one of the growing jobs in the market.  At 42 is all about making money, and having a job for as long as I want wherever I am.  So, here I am…about to start my classes. The first two classes are business leadership and contemporary business…not my cup of tea…but lucky me…I have a man beside me with a business major, my hubby. The classes last 9 weeks, so after the summer we get into the fall classes and those are the one that get me excited…because they will be all about HR.

I will try to continue my posts on my blog, as much as possible. I figure I’ll be a little busier now that I am a student. Being a student at 42 is kind of cool…so stay tuned and I will tell you what is happening with my new adventure. Did I mentioned my kids are thrilled I am back in college?  I think that is hilarious…again…another way of parenting done right…they know if mama can do it at 42…they can do it as soon as the finish high school…is all about them kids after all…at least for me. 

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