Shoes, shoes and more shoes…I love shoes! I remember when I started working my first job, as soon as I got paid, I drove to Bakers, a shoe store in PR that sale amazing shoes, and I literally bought 6 pairs of shoes!!! Almost my entire check was gone. I was so excited! Then I got home and my dad saw me walking into the house with all the bags, and he gave me a disgusted look…I look at him and said, well, I worked and I decided to spend my entire check on shoes. That was that! Now that I am older I don’t buy as many pairs, well at least not for me, I do buy plenty for my kids…and both of my teens love shoes!!!

Here are some shoes that I would love to have

♦♦♦Love the web design. Sexy yet simple!♦♦♦:

I would wear those black hills with a mini skirt…totally…and red nail polish.

Black and beige suede high heels,  new arrivals.:

Love, Love, Love


Sexy heels!:

That touch of red, drives me insane!!!

I WANT THESE SO BADLY I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN!!!!! Our Shoe Show store has these and I've BEGGED my mom to let me buy them (Only $20.00.....okay, per shoe) and she keeps refusing, saying I'd "never wear them". Dude...they are like Nancy Drew and Amelia Pond made a shoe, then Mary Watson and Molly Hooper gave their input and together made an amazing shoe.....COME ON MOM!!!!!!!:

Super cute and they look so comfortable!

Cute wedges that actually seem comfy:

I bet those are super comfortable!

Fringe Delight Wedge - Taupe from Closet Candy Boutique Code REPJENNIFER=10% off and FREE shipping!:

I so want them...

Taggart Booties by Jeffrey Campbell:

What can I say? They are perfect!

Concise Solid Color Cut-Outs Dress Sandals:

Sexy reds

These ankle boots are a beautiful shade of red that is perfect for turning heads at a holiday party.:

Booties…lovely and super sexy

Ugh! These sandals are so cute, and perfect for travel! Find more awesome tips at

I am all about strappy sandals

strappy sandals:

Another pair, I have one very similar in black…made by B.O.C

K. Jacques sandals.:


I better stop, I am obsessed!!! I am not scared to admit that…at least is under control!!! But, man do I love shoes!!!

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