You have to be kidding me…

LMAO! Really! I can only imagine what other countries are thinking about us, Americans.  Seriously, who would even take the joker serious? Just because he has, somewhat, brainwashed many voters about building a wall, about making America great again…in reality people can say whatever they want.  How does he plan on achieving all the crap he has been talking about? What, is he going to do, build a dome all over the United States? Really! Where does he plan on getting the money for that?

I respect that he is a savvy business man, a real estate mogul and all that. But, it takes more than that to lead a country. It takes values, respect for others, intelligence, humbleness, leadership, personal courage, honor, education, etc…some of the thing he totally doesn’t have.

 He is an embarrassment to all…to Society! He cannot even carry a good conversation. He has no respect for woman, for cultural diversity, for the poor…which by the way is what makes the United States.

I do not like politics, I do not want to get involve in that crap, but I had to get this out of my chest.  What an embarrassment will be to elect, someone like him, to be the leader of our country…it will be the lowest of the low…if the people of the United States of America vote for a JOKER like that to lead the most wonderful place in the world…it will be the end of the AMERICA we all know and love.


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