You can be sad when you are holding some sweets

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Two days, two days in a row I’ve been in the kitchen baking sweets.  I am not a fan of eating sweets, but my daughter is. So, in order to help her not gain extra weight, I hardly ever bake anymore.  But, two days ago I noticed some bananas that were a little too ripen. So, after dinner, I decided to whipped a banana bread recipe.  I searched on Pinterest, for an easy recipe, and I came across

Easy Banana Bread Muffins.  SO good!  I always have a couple of bananas just waiting to be made into banana bread.   :):

The recipe was very simple and easy to follow, I changed two things, I added salt and 4 bananas instead of 2.  The banana bread muffins came out super moist and delicious.

Yesterday, I noticed that the large tub of strawberries I purchased on Sunday, was looking a little alone.  So, after dinner, I searched Pinterest and I found a Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin recipe, and I went for it! I found the recipe at

Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins - 2 whole cups of chopped strawberries are in the batter and the surprise filling is a sweet cream cheese mixture.:

This time I decided to follow the recipe.  The muffins turned out good, but not great.  In my opinion it needed more cheesecake and the batter was too thick, like the cake part came out to dense for my like. Nonetheless, they are yummy though!

I must say, having Pinterest available is so nice. I mean there are tons of recipes available and I love trying them out.  We will see what I do next.  I will keep you all posted!!!

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