Words can cause more damage…because what’s in your heart comes out of your mouth.

626“I had just dumped the entire load of garbage that I had been carrying on my son.” Bobby Smith, PH.D

Bobby Smith wrote a few books, and one of my favorites is What’s in your heart comes out of your mouth.  I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Smith at a Conference in Columbia, SC.  I was so impressed with Dr. Smith’s journey, I decided to share some of the things he wrote on this book. A little bit about Dr. Smith.  Dr. Smith was a police officer, who was shot in the head during a traffic stop, and he lost his eye sight.  Dr. Smith had to learn to live without his sight.

Before the book came to an end, I learned that Dr. Smith also lost his wife, his daughter and his son. After dealing with all that loss, I would expect someone to collapse, to give up hope, to stop living.  Dr. Smith chossed otherwise, he decided to take his painful experiences to help others.  Dr. Smith suffered a great deal, and I am pretty sure that not a minute goes by that he doesn not remember his daughter and his son, who passed tragically.

Be Careful of What You Say

Are your words good or bad, positive or negative, happy or sad? The words of your mouth lead to failure or success.

Do you ever wonder how you got into that mess? You are in charge of the words that you speak.

Will you be strong , or will you be weak? Do you speak words of sickness, or words of health?

Do you speak of poverty, or words of wealth? What you say each day is what comes to pass in your life.

Are your days full of peace, or are they full of strife? Your life will reflect the words that you say.

Speak positive, uplifting words and life will manifest that way. Speak negative, depressing, “Oh, poor me” kinds of things.

Then the road to failure is what these words will bring. It’s your choice; it’s up to you.

What are you saying; what will you do?

Author Unknown

My point of view-YJA Often times we find ourselves consumed with work, with our children’s school work, with life and we forget to stop and breath.  We accumulate so much garbage in our hearts in our minds. Then we open our mouths and all that garbage some out, and our loved ones are the garbage can.  Words can be so hurtful.  Words can levae so many scars.  A physical injury can be repair, but a mind, heart and soul injury can determine how far we go on life. Chose your words wisely, be careful of the choice of words that come out of your mouth.

I usually don’t recommend books, but Dr. Smith’s books are worth reading, those books will teach you a lesson.  Those books will strike a nerve…after all, Dr. Smith only writes about his personal experiences.  When someone share their personal, traumatic, experiences we can help but to wonder…What if that happens to me?  

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