Winter Purples…

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Talk about having the winter blues…..well, I think I graduated to the winter purples.  My gosh!  I am so getting into this dark hole…thanks to this crappy winter weather.  First off…it has been raining like crazy….it rains, it sleet, it rains, it sleet…now expecting a LOT of snow…and the baseball tournament I was looking forward too…has been CANCELLED.  I am between scream, crying, losing my mind; I mean I am about to go crazy.

Need to have a hot chocolate bar and post this nearby.

With this crappy weather, husband and kids are home with me…which is a good thing. However, they re-arrange my whole schedule.  The boy gets restless, bored, and super mad (because his XBOX is off limits), Jason gets cranky because he cannot make the drive to work, and obviously, as the Plant Manager…he has a lot of responsibilities. Me, well, the house gets all messy, I have to constantly feed them, entertain them, and I do not get my peace and quiet.

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The thing that bothers me the most is missing the start of baseball season. Missed two tournaments so far. Keep in mind that a whole lot of money is invested for the child to play baseball and develop new skills and improve the skills he already have. Well, there is nothing we can do…once the fields have soaked all the water…there is no fixing it.

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The only one that is totally in Heaven is the girl…she is in her palace also known as her bedroom…doing her music, books, and her other gadgets.

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Enough…now that all the venting is done…let’s enjoy a movie with the family.  We all agree in watching Underworld…and that is that.

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