Winter Blues

in our own beautiful way

Feeling a little blue tonight…too much alone time lately…

I guess, after seeing all the Christmas decorations around me, all the lights and Christmas trees…makes me feel sort of melancholic.  There is no point on decorating my current home, because I am moving away in two weeks.  I do hope I get a chance to decorate the new place.

Christmas is by far my favorite Holiday.  Is Jesus birthday, a time to give and be thankful for all that we are blessed with.  Christmas is togetherness for me, a time to spend with your love ones, with friends, with family…and I am missing that.

I am thankful for everything that has come my way…sometimes I struggle to understand why things happen the way they do…but I never question why…HE knows better than I do, what is best for me. Sometimes we have to deal with situations that we are not comfortable with…and that is perfectly OK…that is LIFE…today is just a rough night.  Tomorrow I will get up with a smile, and will tackle the world…again and again…

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