Why do I love living in the South?

Down South, we love like crazy, use our manners, say Grace, sweeten our tea, listen to Mama, live simply, and count our blessings:

Have you ever wonder? I mean, been that I am from Puerto Rico.  Well, in case you have, let me tell you the reasons why I love living in the South.  First, you need to understand that I have been to many places.  Every place I have visited in the past, have its own charm, but what nothing compares to the open spaces you find in the South.

Living in the South has been remarkable for me, at first, I was hesitant to the idea of being a Latina living amongst people in states with such a strong history.  I mean, come on now, South Carolina, Mississippi! racism has been a sore spot for those states. But, when you look pass that history…you actually find that indescribable southern charm.  I am not referring just to that southern drawl…is more than that. 

In the South people are friendly…even the ones that are stubborn enough to separate people by races and culture, once you talk to them and get to know them…you get a better understanding as to why they think the way they do.  The first step for me was to understand that they do not hate me, nor do they dislike me, they just don’t know me.

Southern life is a bit slower, family oriented and with GOD in everyone’s lives.  In the South, you have people who always look to help their neighbor, people who does not mind getting their hands dirty to better their communities.  You always find someone willing to share their meals with you. They are not loud in an obnoxious way, they are a happy kind of loud. 

Since marrying my Jason and becoming a mother to my lovely Janie and JJ, I have lived my life for my family. Many sacrifices have been made and that is OK. I am a mother first and a wife second.  I will do anything for my family and surrounding them with genuine southern people is what is best for them.

The South is comfort food, festivals, church, laughter, baseball, friendship, simplicity and best of all…FAMILY.

I will not trade my Southern experience for anything in the world. Only God knows where I’ll be tomorrow, so as of right now, today, I will continue to love living in the South.

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