Why do I have to give up my rights for others?

*You have been warned this post is about my personal opinion and it can be offensive to others.  Please walk away and do not read if you are pro the transgender bathroom issue*

Confused, that is exactly how I feel.  In this crazy world, I am struggling to understand why I have to give up my rights to please others.  Yes, I am talking about the government imposing the transgender bathroom issue into our school systems.  I am struggling to understand why we, as a Society, have to accommodate everyone who feels a certain way. What happen with the ones that feel the total opposite? Is that a violation of their civil rights?

Transgender is a real issue, I know they struggle fitting in, being accepted and all that.  I feel horrible they feel that way, but if God provided you with a certain genitalia I believe you are to live that way…meaning you should use the bathroom assigned to your genitalia regardless of what your emotions are.  If the government wants to accommodate that part of the population, by all means do it in a way that will not affect those who are OK with the way things are now.

Why do I have to be OK with my 14-year old daughter changing clothes for gym class in front of someone who has the opposite genitalia? Why do I have to be OK exposing my child to that “view”? Why the government does not create a third set of restrooms to accommodate those who feel that they have to use a bathroom based on their emotional state of mind? It would be more accommodating for all involve.

I love people, from all backgrounds, and ways of life.  What I do not accept is that the government wants to impose something upon us that could have a negative effect on my children.  For me, is opening the doors to predators to attack our most vulnerable, our children.  I am not at school making sure that the bathrooms are safe for my kids to use…If the government wants to intervene, make genitalia surgery free for those who feel they were born in the wrong body…don’t just force the ones that are comfortable with the way things are…change things…just to please others. Make no sense to me…don’t take the issue to our school system…children are too young to be exposed to that change.


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