Who the hell do you think you are?


Imagine living in a place where there is no variety. Imagine looking around and seeing just people like you, no variations whatsoever…it does not matter who you are or where you came from. If you surround yourself by the same class of people, I can guarantee your life will be miserable.

Imagine going out to the fields to pick the crops, just close your eyes an imagine working in the heat, cold, no air conditioner or heater. Imagine building your neighbor’s house, first of all it will take you forever, and your back will break in tiny pieces.

Imagine building the wall, imagine that for one minute. Imagine blocking the ways those immigrants have to send money to their loved ones, to better the quality of life (which often times is just a matter of having a different choice for dinner, other than beans and tortillas) of the families they left behind. Imagine that for one second, while you devour a piece of steak with a juicy baked potato while drinking whisky. Imagine that…how does that make you feel? Do you feel very American? If you do, I do not want to know you.

If that is how Americans think…I am sad…

Yes, with immigration, there are plenty of problems…I agree. I pay taxes and I have never ever received government help. It pains me to pay so much in taxes that are used to assist people who came into the country illegally. But as a Christian, I do not judge, I share and I provide assistance when ever I can.

Who am I to judge? Yes, deport all the felons, assassins, rapists, yes, go ahead and do that. But, why do we have to deport the ones that are just breaking their backs, trying to live a normal life? The ones that are trying to provide a better future for their children? Why? If they have been in this country for so long, and they have not hurt anyone? There has to be a more human way.

People that complaint about immigrants taking their jobs, they are flat-out lying. There are plenty of jobs available. Now, if they don’t want to do the job, because of the pay or the environmental conditions, then that’s another story.

Immigrants are not criminals, they are people just like you, trying to provide a better life to their families. I do not believe is OK to label them as Criminals. That is like I labeled blacks or whites or Native Americans or Asians as Criminals. Sadly with all groups you find good and bad. Why can’t you accept that? Why are you such a hypocrite as to smile to the Mexican cooking your food at San Jose or Don Pablo or Mi Pueblo?

What gives you the right to mistreat people? What make you so special? Why do you think you are better than them? Have you faced the issues they have faced? Have you been so bad off that you were forced to abandon your home, your family to feed your kids? How dare you judge? What kind of human are you? Are you human?


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