Who ate my Oreos?

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Two days in a row I listened to my son ask each family member, who ate his Oreos?  The first time I was looking at him in disbelief that he would ask such question.  I mean, when we buy things, we share with all.  The mystery continue to be unsolved, but today, he asked me to drive him to the Dollar General to get cookies.  I needed to buy milk, my mom is visiting and she must have her “cafe con leche”…so I asked the boy to go with me…he was thrilled…he finally got his cookies.

Do you have issues like that with your children? Do they all feel entitled to certain items in the home? I mean I think is hilarious, although sometimes it can become obnoxious. I know at times I do get cranky when I crave something sweet and all the sweet things are gone.  The kind of cool thing about us is that although we did not point fingers, we all knew who ate the Oreos 🙂


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One thought on “Who ate my Oreos?

  1. I bought something for myself with my own money when I was younger and living at home (I think some pricey ice cream). I put it in the freezer and it got eaten. When I went to get it of course I was pissed. My parents said it was fair game in the household freezer. needless to say I didn’t buy it again! Lol

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