When was the last time you order AVON?

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Or better yet, when was the first time you order AVON? What is your first memory of AVON?  I am going to answer those two questions.  I just placed an order, my daughter fell in love with a watch and a bookmark so her daddy order that for her and the answer to the second questions…my maternal grandmother…she is the first person I saw with an AVON book.  

Ever since I fell in love with AVON.  For a couple of years, well after moving from place to place, I lost track of my AVON lady so I stop buying.  Now, I decided to become the AVON lady and I am loving the experience.  Selling products is easy when those products are the ones you love and you use on a daily basis.

So, if you lost track of your AVON lady, here I am, give me the opportunity to share this amazing book, full of goodies that can be delivered right to your doorsteps…Order online, pay, and wait for your products to arrive. That simple! You want to give it a try? Ok, here is my link: http://youravon.com/yalexander


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