When the “bug” enters the house

There are times when something like this would be necessary!  (And helpful!):

When the bug enters the house it attacks all of us, one by one.  The first one getting sick, out of nowhere, was my husband.  He never gets sick, not enough to keep him in bed, but this past Sunday that is where he spend most of his day.  

Then Monday afternoon, I started feeling kind of funky, my throat was on fire, I figured that after answering close to 70 calls at work, it was justifiable to have a sore throat.  But, it was more than that…my head started bothering me, then my ears, and then the cascade of snot appeared.  It hurt to breath, to swallow, to drink water was miserable.  I called in!

No work, no more answering the phones, I needed to give it a break.  Decided to go to the doctor and she wrote a note for work, gave me some meds, and instructed me to rest and drink plenty of fluids.  The silly thing is that…I know is just a mean ass cold…but when it attacks my vocal cords it interferes with my work…hello!

Anyways so today I rested a good bit, then my girl text me, “my ear is bugging me”…Oh great!  That really made me sad, she was sick 3 weeks ago!!!! Every time the weather gets into that bipolar state, we get sick.  Now, all I can think about is getting better so I can disinfect my house…that bug needs to move somewhere else. We do not have time for sickness!!! Tired of spending all the money visiting doctors, buying medicine, etc.  I want our beloved summer to arrive…I want heat…sweat and sunshine!!!! Maybe then all this ickiness will go away.

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