What was I thinking?

Last night I made some fried food for my boy and I used the fry daddy.  Everything was tasty! After dinner everyone went about their business and Jason and I decided to watch TV in our bedroom. While watching TV I remember telling Jason that I hate to fry food inside the house because the smell lingers in the house for a long time.  After a while we went to bed…

This morning I woke up, and I still smell the scent of the frying oil…I walked into the kitchen to fix breakfast for the kids, and to my surprise…the fry daddy was still plugged to the wall…talk about that scared feeling creeping through my spine…I was like WTH was I thinking? How in the world I left that plugged in? I mean I cleaned the kitchen after dinner, how come I did not notice the fry daddy!!!!

Needless to say that I was shook-up…I mean, fires happen all the time, and to think that I would’ve cause some harm to my family for not paying attention…it’s very scary!!! So, lesson learned people…make sure you unplugged those fryers before you go to bed…we don’t want anything bad happening to your home, to your family!

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