What to do with leftover meat?


A simple, delicious meal, made from leftover chicken and other ingredients I had in the house. Yesterday, I grilled some chicken leg quarters.  I had for legs left, so I saved it.  Today, while walking around the grocery store, I decided to make some taquitos with the leftover chicken.  Dinner turned out magnificent!

Let me tell you how easy it was!!!

I made some rice with corn and set it aside.

I shredded some lettuce, cut some tomatoes, sliced some red onions, sliced an avocado, and cut some cilantro.

I blended together a can of green salsa with a couple of sweet red peppers.

I shredded the leftover chicken.

I warmed up the corn mini-tortillas in the microwave.

I shredded to Cotija cheese.

Then, I build the taquitos up, and served!  Just like that, it was super good.  The sauce made with the green salsa and sweet red peppers binded all the flavors together.  It was easy, tasty and fun to eat. We like a dollop of sour cream with ours…best of all…the leftover chicken was transformed and we were all happy.


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One thought on “What to do with leftover meat?

  1. We love taquitos! I agree that this is an excellent use of leftovers. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday this week!

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