What is love?

What is love? Everything that matters.:

I was actually having dinner with a “friend”, when we started talking about a couple that we both knew.  They separated, and according to my “friend”, if they were a couple, they should have stay together. That is the commitment.

Dalai Lama #inspiration #dalailama #quotes:

I, on the other hand, thought about it like this.  Well, if one person does not love the other enough to want to make it work, then why stay together. For my “friend”, it was like, if you made the commitment to begin with it, why break it. I was like, well, if one person doesn’t love the other, why stay? My friend said, love is a state of mind. I asked, what do you mean? 

See with your heart...need we say more! Sure lets say more:) This is part of my Heart to Heart energy technique. I would put my left hand just above my heart, on the left, and my right hand on another persons heart center and say “Heart to Heart”, as my intentions sent love to them, which is exactly what he is doing here – LOVE this!!! Heart to Heart with a tree = perfection!:

So, pretty much, according to my “friend”, you program your brain to love someone. It has nothing to do with feelings and emotions.  I was dumbfounded. But, whatever rocks my “friend’s” boat.

⛭~ "It's like coming home after a long trip. That's what love is like. It's like coming home". ~☾:

For me, love is that fuzzy feeling you get when you see the one. That eternal smile that does not leave your face when you think about the one. That eagerness to know about the one, the desire to spend time together, the willingness to want to make an “Us” a “We”. The acceptance of each other without questions, the freedom of individuality, the respect of each person’s space, the maybe, being able to enjoy the silent moments without drifting into insecurities. That is my definition of love…or at least a portion of it.  What is love to you?

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