What I know so far…

Fashion Instagram Quotes | POPSUGAR Fashion Photo 9:

Well, it’s the end of the week which means the beginning of the weekend and what I know so far is…

How To Host A Fab Grown Up Sleepover | Fabulous How To:

Janie is planning a sleepover, at our house, with three of her besties…

JJ has baseball practice on Sunday

I have a TON of laundry to do

The house must be tidy up before the sleepover


What I am considering is…

You’ve become very fashion forward. | 26 Signs You've Been Single For Way, Way, Way Too Long | I'm really sad that not only am I single, I can relate to all 26 signs.:

Adding some extra pitching lessons for JJ on Saturday

Having breakfast with the hubby on Saturday morning while the kids sleep

Buying some marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker so the kids can make some s’mores

Cleaning my car, it needs cleaning SOOOO bad

Get my workouts started…for real…


What I do not want to do is…

We all have chores and duties we hate doing.  Following one simple tip has helped get more done, save time and keep me from worry.   How To Combat Procrastination with free printable:

Wake up early

Be bothered by a messy house

Be out when its cold

Be lazy


Life may throw at me…

Don't Stress Meowt!:

Unwanted stress

Extra calories

More sleep than what I need



Always hoping for…

:-) I think we all no matter if we have a religion or spiritual background- regardless in my life I have seen it, most of us that keep going- have some form of faith. not the bible kind- just similar to this- folks this is faith- only way to not get stuck.<3 One thing I have noticed-at 43. XO lacey:






What do you know?

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One thought on “What I know so far…

  1. Yeah we do tend to hope against all logic, bu I guess that’s just what makes us human right? I love that “Don’t stress MEOWT t-shirt too. I tend to stress! Have a great Friday!

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