What Halloween was…

Well, so far, not good. I have always been the biggest cheerleader when it came to Halloween.  It was JJ and I, favorite time of the year. I decorated in the past, dressed up, party, baked goodies and had tons of fun with my children. Carving pumpkins was such a BIG thing in our home…

Halloween 2014

They grew, so this year, my crazy teenagers do not want to do anything. I mean, seriously! I purchased the pumpkins, and nobody, just me, carve a pumpkin. They are seating on the floor, waiting for some love. Decorations were down to a minimum, that is mainly because the kids were not involved, so I kept it simple. I have not even bake. I was the one making scary cupcakes, but, since my teenagers want to be such party poopers, I decided not to bake anything.

Pumpkin carving 2014
Pumpkin carving 2014

My husband knows it bothers me that the kids do not want to participate in something that was such a tradition in our home. So, we plan on heading to the corn maze this evening and give that a try. We already got JJ going, he lost a bet, so he has to go. Janie, well I left that one in daddy’s hands. I hope he can convince her, without any drama, we’ll see this afternoon. 

Pumpkin carving 2015
My 2015 pumpkin

Other than that, I plan on wearing my clown outfit tomorrow to give candy to the little monsters and princesses that dare to knock on our door. For me Halloween is about togetherness, fun, laughter and family. It’s not about worshiping the devil. I do not appreciate when people start commenting about that, because at the end of the day it’s each individual’s decision whether they want to have fun on Halloween or not. So, I will have a little fun, this time, with my husband…he is always my biggest fan. Love you honey!

A couple of years back….when it was fun for the kids.
JJ and his bounty
Janie and her bounty
Happy Halloween…years back

I wish I could go back to making the kids as happy as they were back in those days. Hard to tell if all the changes are due to hormones, or the move to MS.

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