What does fashion do for you?

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As a woman, fashion is something that I look up to.  Understanding what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, helps me understand what garments to buy.  I dress to impress no one but my own self.  I dress to feel confident and beautiful.  Fashion is not a frivolous thing, is a way to take care of yourself, to make yourself happy, to walk out of your home with confidence.  

Fashion can be very expensive or it can be affordable and simple.  I buy clothes from regular stores and I like visiting the local Goodwill to find some treasures someone discarded  I mean I can care less what others think about me, again I dress to impress ME!

Mixing thrift store clothing with your wardrobe:

If you do not have a sense of style, you can go to places like Pinterest and learn about how to put outfits together.  Find the pieces that accentuate your figure the best.  Accessorize! Hello, we are woman, we can get away with it!  When it comes to make up I believe that less is better, I am a fan of natural beauty and simplicity when it comes to adding color to your face.  Mascara, eye liner and lip-gloss is all I need.  

Good Weave vs. Bad Weave: 5 things to look for when purchasing hair for weaving:

Let’s talk about hair…ladies you must learn to fix your hair.  Learn to manage your hair, if you need color, color it.  If you do not know how to take care of long hair, then keep it short.  Hair is the one thing that frames the whole look.  Hair and shoes…that is what makes the outfit.  I think women look more attractive with long hair, having said that, if you are not knowledgeable about making your hair look beautiful, you can either take the time to learn or keep it short.

Modern boho shoes | Bohemian style & design | Free life | Summer #nakedsoul #nakedexpression #bohemianrhapsody:  Stunning black heels that can go with some boyfriend jeans on a casual day or maybe even a cocktail dress for a party:  Kawaii shoes that are the EXACT color that I want because i have no sold color shoes that look great.:  !! I want these!! Someone please tell me where I can find them:

I will splurge on a good pair of shoes…like I said before hair and shoes make the look.  Paying a little extra for a pair of shoes not only gives you more quality you will be protecting your feet as well.  Buying a pair of shoes that is comfortable, well made, and beautiful may cost you a bit more, but your feet will thank your for it. 

That is my quick take on fashion.  I love to look good, I love to have variety and I like to be comfortable, beautiful and confident.  Fashion for me is confidence!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe     #quotes #rachelzoe:

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