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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/196290140/private-property-no-trespassing-sign  Private property no trespassing:

We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood, surrounded by kids of all ages and cultural backgrounds.  We picked the area for that particular reason.  Our house does not have a fenced in yard, is something we plan on doing but we have not decided to buy the bullet on that one.  A couple of months ago we noticed that some pots were turned over, the pots were just filled with dirt, pretty much a tomato planting project that did not work so I left the pots towards the back of our property.  We wondered how the pots were turned over….anyways, no harm so we just moved on.  Then a couple of months ago I heard some giggles in the back and I went outside and I saw three little kids playing…they were chasing each other all over the neighborhood and they ended up in our backyard.  I told them they could not play on our yard, they got a little spook, I reassured them they were not in trouble and I explain that it is dangerous to play in other people’s yard, they left and never return.

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised when I saw some teenagers crossing from the front of our house to the back, sort of, short cut to go somewhere.  It did not bother me much, but it still kept me thinking about what my husband would think, and the fact that it is our yard, our home, not a public place.  I know the teenagers ride the same school bus with my daughter…so I did not want to embarrassed my daughter and I did not say anything. I know the kids are not the best kids in the neighborhood, they do have some behavior issues in the bus…and to be honest my daughter is not a fan of them.

Today, as my husband was getting out of our driveway, the kids were coming up the hill, and my husband waited…he watched as the kids crossed our yard again, they did not even bother to acknowledge the fact that my husband was watching, for me that is pure disrespect.  I would have felt different if those young man stop and asked my husband if it was OK for them to use our yard as a shortcut to wherever it is they go. But, they did not! I am upset about it.

I decided to “close” the back part of our yard that leads them to wherever they are going.  I got a piece of cardboard and I wrote “No Trespassing”…I am hoping that by seeing that, they get an understanding that we are not OK with them crossing through our property.


A few years back someone broke into our home in SC, in plain daylight, and stole our valuables.  The feeling I got that day was awful.  I felt violated, I could not sleep for days.  Who does that? Why?  So, after that, trusting normal situations are not easy for our family.  Something someone can see as just kids passing by, for us, it raise red flags.  What if they get hurt crossing our yard? What if they are tempted to peek inside our house? What if they mess with my kids while I am at work? So many questions…yes, paranoid perhaps…but I cannot help it!

I asked my kids, just out of curiosity if they think it’s OK to go walk through somebody else’s house, they both look at me with this frantic, Oh no! look.  It’s something they would be scared of doing. Like my daughter said, what if they have a gun and shoot us? I mean really…you never know how people react to things.  What would you do? How do yo approach a situation like the one I just described?

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