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Fridays in my household are always happy.  The kids get a break from school, they do not worry about getting up early or going to bed early.  The husband take a mental break from work and his horrible drive to work. Since I am home, I don’t have to worry so much about laundry (because it gets done throughout the week).  Most important….Friday means baseball.  In Mississippi, JJ’s baseball tournaments are held from Friday to Sunday.  We believe that the reason been, is that there are SO many teams competing. 

It’s raining and back to being cold in the Mid-South.  I am hoping and praying that the rain will stop soon. I’ve heard my baseball player talk about the tournament all week-long, trust me when I say I do not want the baseball tournament to be cancelled.

So, take a deep breath…forget how horrible your work-week was…and enjoy your Friday.


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