What are you up to?

Hot chocolate in an enamel mug by Ruth Black:

So, I was reading some blogs and I came across “Life After 5” http://frame.bloglovin.com/?post=4661150593&blog=14280457 and I honestly wanted to do my “Currently December” edition. So here it goes!!!!

THINKING: December 11, and it was 75 degrees all day…supposed to be 78 tomorrow…smh!

BUYING: Christmas presents for the family and some for me.

PLANNING: Nothing…I am not into planning anything

SAVING : absolutely nothing…who saves during Christmas!!!

LISTENING : to the TV…Gold Rush is on and my hubby is watching.

ORGANIZING: My mind, or at least trying too….too many crazy thoughts going on, all at once.

WATCHING : Gold Rush (not my choice).

FEELING : a bit overwhelmed, husband is busier than usual at work, so I am left to care for the teenagers, the house and my job.

TRYING: to not lose my mind and my temper.

COOKING: I did not cook today, but I made a  banging cheesecake last night with a yummy, homemade, strawberry glaze.

BAKING: I baked last night…did not crank the stove at all today.

LOVING: My family and my friends.

What are you currently up to?



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