What a week…

" Quando você atravessar águas profundas,eu estarei ao seu lado,e você não se afogará.Quando passar pelo meio do fogo,as chamas não o queimarão."  Isaías 43:2 NTLH

My God, what a week…from having super bad issues with my kids, to starting a new job, to miscommunication with my husband…this week I did it all.

Dealing with my son ADD has been easier for me, since I accepted that it’s a real problem. My issue now, is making other understand that my son has a condition that keeps him from staying focus.  From school teacher, to principal, to even family members, this lion-mom will battle everyone until they learn to accept my son just how he is, without judging him.

Starting a new job, well I was the one who wanted to work (even though I could have stay at home), and I do not know what I was thinking…but all the jobs that I applied for 1. I was over qualified for them and 2. They are jobs that are totally foreign to me.  I decided to reinvent myself, in order to have a job with a regular schedule, that will allow me to spend time with my family. Well, I got the job, mainly because I am bilingual.  The job is at a financial institution…and I HATE numbers.  At first glance, I was freaking out, but after day three…I started to feel more comfortable.  I still have no decided if the job is what I want, but I will keep it for a while.

Having a job made me happy, but it brought a ton of stress I did not want.  Our son plays for a travel team that practices 45 minutes away from our home. My husband works an hour and fifteen minutes away…and I do not get off till 5:30…and practice starts at 5:30 or 6:00PM.  So we have been scrambling with it.  My husband was so kind, he told me to worry about my job, that he will leave work early to take the boy to practice. Well, they way the have the baseball schedule, it looks as if my husband will have to take the boy to practice, at least once a week, and then when practice is at 6PM, I can drive like a maniac from one side of town to the other…the boy will still be late some, but that is better than not showing up.

Last night I had the worst fight with my 13-year old.  It was the worst I have ever seen. It scared me, just because the girl totally lost control and things came out of her mouth that were very hurtful.  Let’s face it, been a teenager is not easy, and when you are a stubborn as my girl..is even worst.  At the end we fixed the issue and today we are spending some quality time together, just the two of us.

Last but not least…the husband…Lord he is an amazing man, but he has the gift to bring the monster I have inside. There is not need to give details, but Lord he made me mad!!! 

Anyways, that was my week…I hope the weekend turns out to be a good one.  Enjoy it!!!

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