What a rainy mess!!!


Sadly, a horrible day in Memphis. This morning the rain was coming down strong, a lady got into a small accident on the Interstate…and instead of staying inside her vehicle…she decided to step out…and she, sadly, was killed. I have yet to understand why someone would get out of their cars on an Interstate…but, that is beside the point. My heart goes out to the family members of the victim and of the person responsible for the death

It rains a lot in this area, and sad to say that Memphians are not the best drivers…and I am referring in wet conditions. Sad, others have to pay for some drivers inability to slow down when the roads and visibility are not at its best.

Many roads were closed this morning due to multiple accidents. I, for once, do not care how late it can make me to work, what I care about is paying attention to the road and to the vehicles around me. Visibility was horrible this morning, and some people were driving so fast…accidents happened…and perhaps slowing down…may have prevented some of those.

Be careful driving out there, especially when the weather is not cooperating!!!

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