Weird Noises

Pooh Bear...what I look like when I hear a scary noise at night.

Weird noises in the middle of the night…last night, at around 3AM…a loud noise woke us up.  I jumped out of bed, and ran to the kid’s bedrooms…everything was fine in their bedrooms. Then I kept checking all over the house…did not see anything out-of-place.  I figure something fell off in the garage…and that could wait until the next day.

Pantry Idea

Before heading back to bed, I decided to check my closet…and…BAM…my husband’s side of the closet, the shelf totally collapsed (mind you…in a brand new house)…so, of course I felt the frustration building inside my chest…and then I said…the hell with it…it can wait until tomorrow or even the weekend!

I went back to bed, and I realized, I did not allow that thing call frustration to ruin my sleep.  I was able to sleep those last three hours, and although is something that MUST be fix…I am not stressing over it.

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Work is sort of slows on Thursday, so I am reading a book in between customers…a kinky book that I co-worker let me borrow…and every time I get to the “kinky” parts…all I can do is smile…smile at the thought that no one really knows what I am reading at work J

Today we have baseball and dance at the same time, 5:00, and neither my husband nor I get off work before 5:30. So, the hubby agreed to leave work early so he can drop the girl off at her dance, and then continue the 45 minute drive to baseball practice with the boy. So, I will have the house or myself for a couple of hours, and I am looking forward to that. Then at 8PM I have to pick the girl from dance…and the rush of a weekend filled with baseball will began…unless…rain hits! 

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All week-long, the weather man has been talking about this strong storms heading our way…and of course, it’s supposed to rain all weekend. So, if that happens, I know I am going to be miserable because I actually love going to the baseball fields. Is where I feel the most comfortable at…its relaxing and exhilarating at the same time…I guess it depends on how your baseball player is feeling while on the field.  We’ll have to wait and see.

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