My weekend….my plans 🙂 …plans….yeah right! I hate “plans”…

Well, Saturday I plan on getting up at a decent time to clean the house. After that I think I am going to pampered myself, and get a manicure and pedicure. Then, maybe invite the kids to the movies or better yet …rent some movies…a visit to the Red Box can save a lot of money 🙂 Oh, and there are all this huge yard sales I can go to…I am going to start looking for some Halloween decorations…so what better place to get decorations at an affordable price…Yard Sales.

Tips for making the most of your yard saleRed Box: Roundup of FREE Rental codes! - Printable Coupons & Grocery Discounts: DiscountQueens.comsnack bar, concession theater room, movie room

Sunday…oh Sunday…I am flirting with Carowinds…we’ll see…I am trying to hide from the sun, because this summer I was exposed to the sun way too much…and my skin is damaged, so I know I need to stay away from the infamous sun. Enough tanned…I think that even when I don’t tan I look “tanner” than others. It must be my lovely olive skin 
That is the plan for the weekend…we’ll see if I get it done or if I do something else…after all I hate to plan things…I like to get up and go…adventures without a plan…always create the biggest memories  🙂

miss going to carowinds everyday during the summer.  hope to get back there one day.

Those are ideas…we’ll see what happens…I will be so surprised if I actually do any of the things I listen in here. I do not like to plan, it feels too much like work.  I rather go with the flow…with the feel of the moment…that is how I chose to live my life…and I love it!

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