Weekend Recap

What a slow-passed yet rewarding weekend. 

Friday night was dinner date with my honey, he chose Mexican food at my favorite Mexican joint. I drank a fabulous Margarita while he enjoy some beer. The food was super tasty and the place was pack, as always! It was super cool to have the waiter speak Spanish to me and to my hubby, really good kid, he earned his tip. 

"An eagle with a snake in its mouth recognizes the Aztec heritage of Mexico. 
According to Aztec legend, the gods advised the Aztec people to build their capital on the location in which they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, eating a serpent. They built their capital, Tenochtitlan, on what is now the main plaza of Mexico City.":

It was a very pleasant experience, so if you ever find yourself in Hernando, Mississippi and have a taste for authentic Mexican food stop at “Mi Pueblo” do not let the looks fool you…the place is always crowded for a reason! Food and ambiance is top notch!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/227665082/baseball-door-hanger:

Saturday, I actually woke up at 8AM…which is odd! JJ did not have practice till later that day so I decided to do some chores, ended up cleaning the whole house…I was happy and exhausted. Love a clean house! At 1PM we decided to drive our son to his baseball practice, he was in a little bit of a funk, his arm was not responding as well as it usually does and that frustration got into his head. I tried to cheer him up, but he also have that teenage funk where mama does not know anything. Anyways as soon as the coach arrived I just asked my hubby to drive me home.  I needed to be away from the boy because he frustrates me sometimes.  Jason kept me updated with JJ’s practice and I was happy he was able to overcome the funk he was feeling prior to practice. He actually did good.

The New Science of the Teenage Brain:

After practice, Jason and I rented some Red Box movies, I made some fajitas and burritos, everyone ate a pretty good meal and then we call it a night…pass 1 AM!!!

Sunday I woke up at 11…I was so in shock when I saw the time, yet I felt super rested. J and JJ played basketball then drove off to batting practice. We dealt with some teenagers crossing through our yard and I was relieved that with words the issue was resolved in a very peaceful way.  I was in the mood for some smothered pork chops and some home-made mashed potatoes…and some friend plantains. It was a good meal, everyone was happy and I even got assistance cleaning the kitchen.

a different kind of family photo! line up a shoe from each person, and spell your last name, etc.:

It was a non-exciting weekend, but it was so perfect! I had my husband and my kids, all happy and that made me super happy!  Looking forward to baseball season, we have a very tough scheduled ahead of us…and we plan on making the best out of it.

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