Weekend Recap

02/11/2014 Family party today, could only stay for a wee while. Happy that the reason I had to leave was there was so much support and love that I couldn't cope with it:

Friday night J and I were supposed to go out for dinner and a movie, but our daughter came back a little later than expected from a choir competition, so our plans were pushed back.  Good thing, her choir obtained the highest points and now they are heading to state competition.  J and I ended up doing a little shopping and then returned home.

Saturday morning we took JJ to his batting lesson, then breakfast at the Waffle House, I love the place, and they do not care for it…we waited an hour to be seated!!! Spoiled Mama here!!! After breakfast, we drove to the Academy and we purchased some discs to play Disc Golf.  We headed to the park, and we had a BLAST!!! We loved it!!! Now, we returned home and we noticed that J went to bed…and ever since…he has been sick, I mean super sick.  Seems to be a horrible head cold…feverish but not a high fever. I ended up sleeping in the spare room…I have to be careful, since I am taking Humira, my immune system is extremely weak, so I have to be careful.


Sunday, we woke up and I started working on chores around the house, then I drove JJ to baseball practice.  The idea was to drop him off, but man do I like to see my boy doing his thing. I stayed the whole three hours…the wind chill was at 35, so yes, I was freezing…but I rather be cold than miss my son having fun.  I was supposed to buy groceries, but, practice was 3 hours long.  JJ and I decided to just grab a few things to hold us up till Wednesday or so, then I will go back to get some other goodies.


We came home and made dinner and now I am folding clothes and watching The Walking Dead…I am more than ready to call it a night…but, I have a few things I have to do before I can go to sleep.  That was my weekend, or lack of…still…blessed to be with my family…loving life. 

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