It was an excellent weekend! So sad that it ended!

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Friday we all had dinner at this crappy restaurant, the food was so bad, we were laughing out loud. Then we browse through Target, then Red Box movies and bed time was 2AM.

Saturday we worked on a school project, that lasted till 4PM, then we watched some more movies, ate a yummy dinner and call it a day. We did get some errands done, and we had a relax day.

Sunday, we had a meeting with our son’s coach. It was a great meeting! During the Fall, my son started playing with his new team. The team has two 13-U teams, so our boy ended up playing for both, the AA and AAA team. He wanted to play just with the AAA, but his new coach wanted him to play for both, so he did. The idea was to determine which team was best for our son, and if he was ready to be part of the more competitive team. So, HE MADE IT! We were told yesterday and I am so excited for him, things like that does not really happen for the boy. So, I am super thrilled that he was able to be part of the baseball team he wanted from the beginning. He worked hard, he listened and he became stronger and more aware of the things he needs to work on. All great news!

After that, my whole weekend was complete! I mean, I do not ask for much, but for my kids to be happy, to be loving towards the family and to spend some time with us, while they are still at home.

It was the perfect weekend!

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