Water, TV, a book and Kleenex

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My Saturday so far has consisted of watching TV, eating thinks I should not be eating, watching Fusion TV, flipping through the pages of a new book I grabbed in South Carolina and blowing my nose…so thank God for KLEENEX! I have been fighting this head cold since Monday, it’s been pretty annoying to say the least. To be honest with you I have been begging for days for the snot to come out…cause the pressure I was feeling in my head and my cheeks was frustrating. Finally today the mighty snot is pouring out and if it wasn’t for Kleenex my nose would be totally raw. To top it all my throat has been on fire all week. At least now that all that crap is coming out I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that by Monday I should be feeling sort of normal. Cannot wait to stay the major projects I want to tackle while I am at home.

So, my Saturday has been quiet, boring (which I am OK with today) and non eventful. I grabbed a book in SC last week, and I am eager to start reading it. The book is about Mariano Rivera, also known as the closer, a great baseball player. Born and raised in Panama, grew up with nothing and ended up becoming one of the best MLB players. Another Latino making it big in the US of A.

I am also watching a show about Gangs and I can’t help but feel sad and disgusted at the same time. A topic I should not touch here since I am so passionate about my beliefs and I do not really want to offend anybody. But just to leave it out there…how can we expect gangbangers to leave the lifestyle, if we as a Society, do not give them a chance? If they are felons… do we hire them? If they are on parole… do we hire them? No, right! So what do we expect? Gangs will continue reclaiming their members because we do not help the ones that want out. Anyways…let me stop there!

That’s my Saturday…again thank you Kleenex for making a product that makes you feel good even when you are at your worst.

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