VICKS the miracle ointment

Put vaporub on things you don't want your cat or dog to pee on or chew on. the smell repels them.:

I am a fan of Vapor Rub, or Vicks, however you want to call it.  In Puerto Rico we use this minty paste to treat anything and everything. So, I decided to write this blog about the many uses or Vapor Rub.

  1. Headaches-rub VapoRub on your temples and forehead.
  2. Acne- with a Q-tip or the tip of your finger, apply VapoRub on your pimple before you go to sleep. 
  3. Coughing Rub Vaporub on your chest and bottom of your feet.
  4. Fingercut-  Apply VapoRub just as you would apply Neosporin, it will prevent infection.
  5. Nail fungus-Rub VapoRub in the affected area every day. The fungus will turn black as it kills the fungus. 
  6. Crack Heels-Rub Vapor Rub in the morning and at night.
  7. Sore throat-Rub Vapor Rub on the neck area then wrap a towel around it.
  8. Toothaches-Apply a small amount to the affected tooth.
  9. Eczema- Apply on the affected area, it will help with the inflammation almost immediately.
  10. Mosquitos Natural repellent.

I am adding a link to the Homespun Hydrangea, where she posted a simple recipe for homemade vapor-rub-shower cubes. If you are congested or with cold-flu-like symptoms, one of the cubes will provide relief immediately while you shower.

Try this easy recipe for homemade vapor rub shower cubes. This DIY remedy is perfect for clearing up nasal congestion and cold symptoms.:


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