Vents & Vices

What  I think about myself and What my husband thinks about me…just making it a little more interesting!!!

What are my pet peeves?

I said-Dishes in the sink

Hubby-Not pushing in the chair and waking up with dishes in the sink.

What are my guilty pleasures?

I said-Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

Hubby-Shoes and pocket books

What do I lie about?

I said My mood

Hubby- I don’t know

What do I try to avoid?

I said Boredom

Hubby-Making plans

What am I nosy about?

I said Everything

Hubby- Everything

What do I procrastinate?

I said Chores

Hubby- Getting up in the morning

What gets my blood boiling?

I said Dirty house

Hubby-Someone messing with the kids

What tempts me?

I said Food

Hubby- Adventure

What do I complaint about?

I said Dirty house and boredom


What can I do about complaints?

I said Ignore them

Hubby-Tell people is their problems

That was fun!!!!!

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