IMG_1441The not so cool parts of my job!

There is little to no satisfaction with my job.  Well being on call is one of my least favorite parts of the job. Then to get two calls based on newborns testing positive to drugs because their irresponsible parents decided to continue hammering the selves with illegal drugs…that really gets on my nerves.

I can help but feel for my dear friends who are eager to have a child and for whatever reason they have not been able to. Yet, you get some people that are blessed with children and they do not even take care of them while in the womb. What make you think that they will take good care of them once they are out?

I am sorry…but I have my doubts.  You see, I am far from being a perfect person…but I do try my hardest to be a good mother. To know things like that are happening is scary, frustrating, and to be honest it flat out pissed me off!!!

Just frustrated…I pray every day for a better job. For a job that will allow me to be my happy self. I am not cut out to deal with stupid people who harm innocent children.  I’ve had enough…

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