Valentines’ Weekend Recap

02/11/2014 Family party today, could only stay for a wee while. Happy that the reason I had to leave was there was so much support and love that I couldn't cope with it:

Valentine’s Day is all about my kids…I already mentioned that! Well, this weekend, we were debating whether to go out or stay put.  With baseball season approaching, we know we will be super busy soon, so we flirted with the idea of going out-of-town. I was somewhat excited, but then when I share the idea with the kids, they were not as excited, so we stayed home.

It was a quiet weekend, Saturday I was feeling a little under the weather, Sunday my son surprised me with some tulips and my hubby and girl got me some other goodies…I loved my new pair of sneakers…they are bright and loud just like me.

The best part of the weekend for me was to see my hubby taking the kids on a shopping spree.  Seeing a father doing for their children is the best gift a wife/mother could ever have. So, thanks to the LORD for the best husband/father in the world. I am a lucky lady!!!


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