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Well, finally I was able to clear something it has been bothering me for an entire week, so at least I am sleeping good tonight!  After a chest X-ray that revealed “something” a CT Scan was ordered.  Well, talk about being scared!!! Yes, I was scared shit-less.  So, Ct Scan was done and this morning I got a call…it was NORMAL!!! Men, hearing those words made me feel like I was on top of the world.

So, we are still trying to figure out why my WBC is high.  So more blood was drawn this morning to see if there is any changes.  So fingers crossed WBC will either be lower or perfectly normal.  It sucks to pint point what’s the deal…every time the weather changes, I get the sniffles, so perhaps that’s the reason my WBC is high…who knows…other than that I feel pretty OK. Hoping I can get back to my Humira, although I must say that with Humira or not…I will be rocking some shorts this summer.

That is the update…I am just thrilled today…and so is my hubby and kids and dear friends who knew what I was dealing with…including my two cousins, who happen to be docs!!!

Loving life, making plans for a better future and expecting my mother’s visit…rocking the world…one day at the time.

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