Here we go again! Well, another visit to the doctor…and WBC a little bit higher. So, to make a long story short…I was referred to a Hematologist(blood specialist). My doctor thinks that there is nothing wrong with me, but the fact that Humira is such a toxic medicine, she rather have me stop that and see the specialist to make sure there is no issues within my blood.

So, that’s that! Now, the funny, not so funny part of my visit with Dr. Newman, is that she ordered me to lose weight…I was surprised, lol, I know I have gained some extra weight since I moved to MS. I have dealt with the most stressful situations ever, and when I stress I eat. I am not worried, now that I quit my job, I have a plan (although I hate plans) to work out and create some new and healthy recipes for the family.

As much as I love to cook, I do not cook healthy. I am all about stir-fry, casseroles, frying, and sweets. So, the idea is to learn new tricks to incorporate healthy foods into our diets. We also have some new exercise equipment begging for some love. I am actually excited about a new journey ahead.

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