Umbrellas and Flip-Flops

DIY Lace Umbrella with Circle Punch-Cool DIY Custom Umbrellas

Umbrellas and Flip-Flops

That is the common attire in Mississippi.  Get up in the morning with the sun shining, breeze going, birds chirping….just the perfect day for some shorts and flip-flops.

Then, a couple of hours into your day…the clouds start accumulating…and all of the sudden….the rain falls…umbrella in hand, flip-flops flopping….that is a typical day in the Mississippi area.

In the beginning I was annoyed, now I know better, and I stay prepared.  It’s kind of like expected to get unexpected showers and thunders in the afternoon.  The heat is just as bad as the Carolina heat. I love how I can see for miles, as to in NC and SC you have those rolling hills that prevent you from seeing ahead.

I consider myself lucky and blessed to have met so many people all over the place.  Adventure is something I love and that is why I don’t mind moving from place to place. We are committed to MS for the next 5 years…we’ll see where we land next.


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One thought on “Umbrellas and Flip-Flops

  1. That umbrella is gorgeous

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