Tuesday is for Pinterest finds

Tuesday is for Pinterest finds is about things I like, love, hate and find funny on Pinterest…so feel free to like, love, hate and laugh with me while I pick all the Tuesday Pinterest finds.

How to clean make your glass cooktop sparkle for pennies:

I have a glass top stove in my new house, and I hate, hate, hate the stove. It looks beautiful and it goes great with the other stainless steel appliances, but for someone who loves to cook, and is often rushing when cooking, the glass top stove is not ideal. I hate that even with water, the top get stained. So, I found a way to clean it for less than $5. Below is the link, so click away.



I love smoothies in the summer, and the peanut butter-banana combo is delish! I like to add some sort of protein powder if I am working out (which does not happen often). Its filling, economic and usually you have the ingredients at home.



I love Nativity figures and if the look its rustic, I love it even more.


These 20 Regrets From People On Their Deathbeds Will Change Your Life:

Oh Lord, I don’t understand why some people don’t get it… HE/SHE was not that into you…if you created that idea in your head that is your problem…hello move on!!! Closure, of what? Of the fantasy you created in your own head, please!!!

Whether it’s for workplace or date night, be  stylish with beautiful staples and unique pieces from Kmart. Rock a blouse under a staple cream sweater, or shop this must-have Jaclyn Smith skirt you can strut around the office in or wear when you're out for drinks on a hot date. With top brands you know and love, Kmart is your one-stop  shop for trendy shirts, pants, work wear and more to make you feel stylish and fun.:

I like animal print clothes as long as they are pair up with other items, in a classy way, just like the picture.


24 Newest Funny Minion Quotes and Pictures Of The Week | http://www.meetthebestyou.com/24-newest-funny-minion-quotes-and-pictures-of-the-week/:

LMAO, seriously!!!


Those are the picks for the first “Tuesday if for Pinterest”. See ya next Tuesday!

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