Tuesday Happenings

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Christmas by wordwillow, $23.00

I think I can safely say that Christmas shopping is finished!  So relieved…now the only thing happening and getting my full attention is the packing and unpacking when we get to Mississippi.  I am still hoping for a Christmas tree, even if I just get the classic James Brown tree 🙂

Have many things to do in the house, however, between Janie’s chorus performances, kids’ friend’s birthday parties, and me being tired…I don’t seem to find the energy to accomplish as much as I should.

I also need to make one more trip to the post office and to Walmart before is all said and done. Oh, I almost forgot to go to the attic to bring down whatever is left up there!!!! JJ will be helping with that one!  

Today at 5, is my girl’s school chorus concert…so obviously I will be there…and is safe to say…there goes my evening.  Tomorrow, I will get most of all the things I have to get done, tomorrow 🙂  I will continue telling myself, that is what I am going to do…and just do it.

I also have to meet with a couple of girlfriends…to say my final goodbyes. I am hoping that the 18 goes as plan….that is the stressful part at this moment.  Later, I am pretty sure more things will surface. 

That is today’s update…busy, busy, busy…

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