Tuesday “FIVES”

Tuesday Fives

I’m going to try to do this Blog every Tuesday. Tuesday Fives is about talking about the 5 things that you had in your mind on Tuesday.


1. Driving on the country roads, I was surprised that I was enjoying the “alone” time, admiring the beautiful fields, the weather, the beautiful sky, and I found myself enjoying it.


2. Getting to JJ’s baseball practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is always something I think about on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practice is at 5:15, -Don’t really know why, because parents do not get off work until 5PM or after.

IMG_7868  IMG_1809

3. Folly Beach, knowing that Thursday night we will be heading to Folly Beach is exciting to me, so I was thinking about packing and getting all the laundry done before our weekend get away.


4. Between 1-2PM I always find myself looking at my clock, because I get anxious about talking to Janie and JJ. Calling Janie and hearing her sweet voice, remind her of the chores she has to do, making sure that they eat, those are things that I had in my mind today.


5. Today I was surprised when Jason called me in the morning, he doesn’t call much, we text when we feel like it, so having a morning call was scary and sweet at the same time. So, I found myself thinking about it throughout the day.

Those were 5 of the things that occupied my mind this Tuesday June 24, 2014. What were you thinking about today? Do you want to share?






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