Tuesday Fives

Tuesday Fives
Oh my! This week came quick!
Well here we go with this week Tuesday Fives:

1. J is away, plans to come back this weekend to head back to MS. Still don’t know if our life is going to be move somewhere else.

classic samsonite luggage

2. JJ and I are sick; we stayed home, and still can’t figure out what this is.

Do you have a cold? Are you sick (forgive the pun) of carrying Kleenexes everywhere? Then this stylish hat is the end to your problems! When you feel a sneeze coming, just pull on the roll!

3. Colored my hair a tone darker, don’t really know how I feel about it.

Long, layered, dark warm brown hair. Just decided to let my hair grow out!

4. Second week of school and English 1, is kicking my 8th grader’s behind…she at least recognized, she needs to study!!!!


5. Met JJ’s teachers today and I was pleasantly surprised with how young and energetic they are. They all said really good things about my boy.

Tips, Photos, Forms & Printables! Everything you need to feel prepared and confident for meet the teacher/open house!

Those are my Tuesday Fives…short and sweet…straight to the point…just like me

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