Tuesday Fives

Tuesday Fives
OK, I took a 2-week break because I was on vacation with my family. So, today I am back with those five things that occupy my mind today. 

1. Jason is back in Mississippi. Wondering what the outcome is going to be.

2. Missed the kiddos school registration and the make-up day is tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a trial going on at family court, so I can only hope that the case goes quick so I can go about my mommy duties.

3. I have two large families in need of some clothes and school supplies and I have no clue of how to assist them. I know churches and some other companies like to lend a hand; but not sure which direction to go yet.

4. Dinner time, getting ready to cook and my kiddos cant never be on the same page (taste buds) when it comes to dinner.

5. Amazingly surprised at how tire I am after a two-week off from work.

That sums my Tuesday Fives….What is bugging you today? Any thoughts….

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