Tuesday Fives

Tuesday Fives

This week is just like last week…hubby is out of town…so here are my 5 most important/annoying/funny/Etc thoughts of the day:

1. Driving down the road I look to my right and I see a nasty dark-purple cloud. Immediately started to freak out thinking that kids were home, what if there is a tornado. Well, called home, the kids were singing with their Wii American Idol game…and I was like…really!

2. What’s for dinner? I did not cook yesterday, so I knew I had to cook. You see, my son JJ is worst than a husband. If I feed him store/restaurant bought food two days in a row, he will call me out…he will be, “Mama, When are you planning on cooking again?” Yeah! That is my boy.

Funny story: The other day I made some Puerto Rican pastelillos (meat turnovers) and I burnt them a little bit. I served JJ and he ate them all up. A week later, his daddy is home, and JJ said you know my mom’s cooking is so good, that even when she burns the food it tastes good. I was in shock! Smiling like an idiot, because although he was tattle telling on me, he was also complementing my cooking. Got to love that boy!

3. Packing!!!! Saturday is our big vacation and I have to pack my bags. Due to the increasing cost of traveling, we are trying to minimize the luggage. So, I am freaking out, because I do not know if I’m going to be able to carry only one luggage.

4. Janie and JJ…school starts soon…. And I have to register them at school. And we’ll be out of the country during registration.

5. 5 cats and 1 dog….want to go down to 3 cats and no dog. Trying to figure out how to accomplish that in a humane way, without causing too much drama in the household.

There you have it….those are my Tuesday Fives!!!!

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