Tuesday Fives

2nd Week of Tuesday Fives

I’m going to try to do this Blog every Tuesday. Tuesday Fives is about talking about the 5 things that you have in your mind on Tuesday.

1. The number one thing I have in my head today is Mississippi…can’t elaborate, but trust me when I say, that Mississippi is occupying most of my neurons today.


2. Thinking about, my upcoming, trip to Puerto Rico. Excited and annoyed at the same time, that is how I’ve been living life lately. Excited to see my family and annoyed to know that it’s going to be SUPER HOT.


3. My hubby, all the grown up decisions he will have to make soon…I can only feel bad for him. But, he has my support 110%. As long as the family stays together, we can conquer whatever comes our way.


4. Baseball…need to find my son a team to play during the fall…but 1st I have to wait for the “Mississippi thing” .


5. My gorgeous princess…in a week she will be 13…yes I will be a teenager’s mom…so help me God.


Those, in a nutshell, are the thoughts occupying my mind this Tuesday.

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