Transgender Bathroom Issue…just my opinion



What are your thoughts about transgender bathroom issues?  I am heart-broken about the issue.  I believe everyone should pursue their own happiness.  I have no issues whatsoever with transgender, homosexuals, lesbians, etc.  Having said that, regardless of how we feel, we were born with a particular genitalia, therefore, we should be able to identify which restroom to use based on that.  

Why do we have to be so accommodating?  Why everything has to be a fight? Why do we have to make changes as silly as bathroom assignments? 

Worst case scenario create a third option.  Offer a restroom for those who do not feel comfortable going to the woman or man bathroom.  I think that is the only solution, it will keep all parties content. I am sorry, this is not meant to offend anybody, but there are too many psycho out there, mental illness is a real issue, and I can see many people mentally ill, pretending to be transgender just to have access to innocent young man and woman.  I also don’t see how we can identify the real transgender from the fake ones without disrespecting them…which is even worst.

Like I said I am thorn…actually wish we could all make each other happy. But life is about compromising, is about picking and choosing your battles…and  I chose to keep the usage of restrooms the way  it has been all this time.  No need to make changes to something that it is not broken.  I do believe that humans should be able to feel comfortable in their own skins and should be able to pursue their happiness…I don’t think a restroom assignment is a determining factor in one’s happiness.

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