Three meals out of one package of chicken…here is how!



Today was all about saving time and money and making the best out of one family package of chicken.  I usually pay less than $10.00 for the family package at either Walmart, Kroger or BI-LO.  That package will feed my family of four.  Keep in mind that you do not have to make the meat the star of the dish, consider making the vegetables the star. 

I decided on arroz con pollo, Caesar chicken salad and chicken fajitas.  Today, we will eat the arroz con pollo with salad and fried plantains.  Tomorrow we’ll have the Chicken Fajitas for dinner and the Caesar Salad for lunch.

I am not a fan of eating out, I really hate spending lots of money on dishes I can prepare myself, at home.  So, buying family packages of meats is a time and money saver for me.  Grab it when they are on sale…then prep your meals.

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