This Weekend Was Amazing

Since we already told the world we are moving back to wonderful South Carolina, I decided to have two of my daughter’s best friends for a sleepover.  I love their friendship so much, I just want them to create as many memories together as they possibly can, before we move.

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The day started with the girls deciding what to wear. After they got all dressed-up, they stepped outside and took a couple of pictures.  Since I love taking pictures, I decided to help them out, and took some awesome pictures of them together.

We decided to go to one of my daughter’s favorite restaurants, the Olive Garden.  We all ordered our food, share some giggles, and the girls were checking out some of the hunks at the place.  So, funny to see goody-goody girls talk about boys, and giggle about their conversations.

After dinner, since we all cleaned our plates, I decided to order dessert for all of us (no diet).  I mean as soon as dessert was delivered, we all took a deep breath and started eating. We tasted each other’s desert, since we all order something different, and it was just a fun night.

After the Olive Garden, we rented some Red Box movies and drove back home. We watched movies all night, in between more conversations and giggles. I should call them the selfie-giggle crew.

Sunday, they got up at a good time, they ate a good breakfast and then decided to play some board games. The weekend was perfect.  To top it all up, the kids aunt and grandfather visited us, and that was an unexpected, but welcome surprise.  The weekend was good, a lot of memories were created, and the girls truly enjoyed each other.


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