This morning…


This morning I managed to get out of bed, had a rough night last night…trouble sleeping is my nemesis…good thing is does not happen often. I just kept thinking about stupid stuff…once I had figured out, in my head, what I was going to fix for dinner today I was able to go to sleep.


This morning I got the kids up and to the curb to catch their school bus and then all of a sudden I am feeling this urge to go to the local Goodwill to look for treasures…so I did my morning blog reading and now I am posting this little one before I head out to Hernando to see what I can find at the Goodwill.


This morning my 14-year old girl was looking so darn good!!! She is taking a public speaking class and she needed to dressed up. So, my “I wear jeans all the time” kiddo asked me for help with her outfit. So, I rushed to my closet and I recall I had purchased a striped blazer at Target a little over a year or so ago and it was a little to snug for me…so I figure it would work for her…and then one of my pencil skirts (stretchy kind) could complete the outfit. She approved!!! She looked so lovely, a mini me, she looked so HOT and GROWN…I was like OK…is just sort of like playing pretend…she is still your little girl. She did her make-up a little more pronounced than usual, and I understood…she is pretending!!! Anyways…she chose to speak about Serial Killers, like FBI kind of stuff…YES, we love Criminal Minds, and that is where she got her inspiration. On top of that she is also auditioning to advanced choir at school and she was nervous because due to her last name, she is the first one to audition today. So, say a little prayer for my girl, she really wants to be in that choir and she also like getting good grades, public speaking has not been as easy as she thought it would be…so a high score will be greatly appreciated.


This morning things went smooth with the kids, I am awake, and the litter boxes are cleaned. Now, to get off this pajamas and drive to the Goodwill. I hope I can find something cool. Do you shop at Goodwill’s or thrift stores? What are some of your favorite finds? A while back I found a brand new pair of ALDO shoes (not cheap at all) and I snagged them for a whooping $5…talking about been excited. Well, I’ll let you know how the trip goes later on.


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