Thinking out loud…

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Life is changing constantly…be gracious enough to accept to changes, embrace them…is just life…

Almost a year in Mississippi…things are finally settling in. The year was rough for all of us, but, we managed. No big plans for 2016, you know I am not a planner, I prefer to be adventurous, and to live day by day.

If anything I can say I have grown closer to God and to my family, to my hubby to be exact. I count my blessings and I try to live life peacefully and slowly. Although I always find myself rushing through the day, before I lay down to sleep, I try to think about how bless I am. Although, at times I wish things were a little easy, I am thankful for that “rush”…it’s a reminder of the strength I have.

This upcoming year I wish for peace, for communication with my children, for the ability to pay it forward. I wish for health and joy for my family and my friends. I hope for a new day, a tomorrow, a smile and hug from my teens. I wish for peace of mind, easing my mind, my thoughts has never been easy, it’s a continuous battle…just have to remind myself I am not in my 20’s anymore.

Enjoy this last 29 days of 2015…love life, and laugh and live out loud.


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